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tray erecting

These machines are designed to automate the 

process of assembling cartons or trays, which 

are commonly used to store or transport goods such

 as fruits and vegetables.

carton forming / erecting

Our carton erector and forming machines are 

advanced packaging equipment that streamlines 

the process of creating boxes for products.

bulk bins

Bulk bins are used in various industries, especially

 in the agricultural sector, to store and transport large

 quantities of citrus fruits, nuts, avocados, apples, 

and others.

auto packing

Fruit Packing: Pattern packers, also known as auto

 packing machines, are automated systems used in 

the agricultural industry to efficiently pick and place fruit

 into cartons or trays. 


Bottle Packing: These machines can pack glass bottles 

(parallel and tapered), plastic bottles, cans, or jars into 

various containers, ranging from cartons to plastic crates.

Carton sealing

Our machines can handle a variety of carton sizes 

and designs, making them suitable for different 

packaging requirements.


Our range includes high-speed carton erecting

 from flat blank, line dividing and combining, bag 

drop stations, top sealing of BIB’s, case packing and

 sealing, and automatic palletizing.


Our range of equipment includes semi- to fully 

automatic palletizing solutions, empty pallet 

dispensers, conveyors, pallet weighing and strapping 

stations, and intelligent shuttle systems.

meypack partner

Meypack, being a German manufacturing company

 with over 60 years of experience, definitely adds to our 

ability to offer superior end-of-line solutions with the

 local support needed.

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