bulk bins

Bulk bins are used in various industries, especially in the agricultural sector, to store and transport large quantities of citrus fruits, nuts, avocados, apples, and others. To facilitate the efficient handling of these materials, Gossamer offers a wide range of machinery to streamline and automate the process of filling, emptying, and transporting bulk bins. Overall, our machinery associated with bulk bins plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient and safe handling of large quantities of materials while also minimizing waste and reducing the risk of injury to workers.

bin filling


The DBF-1 is an electro-mechanical single head dry bin filler with spreader wheel, to lay fruit softly into bulk bins, various bin sizes being accommodated. Engineered for ease of operation, flexibility, safety and minimum maintenance. 


The DBF-2 is an electro-mechanical double head dry bin filler with spreader wheels. The two bins are filled alternately, resulting in no time lost by bin changes. 


The Citrus Bin Filler is designed to handle fruit softly, but in higher volumes than traditional Soft Bin Fillers. Ideal for all citrus variants, nuts, avocados and juice destined apples. 

bin tipping


Perfect for high volume feeding directly to the accumulation conveyor

 or pattern packer. Ideal for bin tipping of citrus, fruit, vegetables etc. 

shuttle systems


Single shuttle car for pallets and bins full or empty. 


Double Shuttle car for pallets and bins.

(1 full pallet and 1 empty pallet) 

intelligent conveyoring

Conveyors are one of the most flexible types of industrial equipment, 

an when correctly specified and installed, they can dramatically 

improve productivity, efficiency and safety.  

bin stacking / de-stacking


This versatile machine can be used to automatically separate a stack

of bins into a system or stack completed bins ready for offloading 

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integration Solutions

carton forming / erecting

Our carton erector and forming machines are advanced packaging equipment that streamlines the process of creating boxes for products. These machines are designed to quickly and efficiently erect and fold a variety of different shapes and sizes of cartons, making them an essential part of any production line that deals with high volumes of products.