Automation machinery associated with pallets plays a crucial role in modern logistics and material handling operations. Our range of equipment includes semi- to fully automatic palletizing solutions, empty pallet dispensers, conveyors, pallet-weighing and strapping stations, and intelligent shuttle systems. Overall, automating the pallet handling process offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved safety, consistency, optimal space utilization, scalability, and long-term cost savings.



The PL-1200 layer palletizer is ideal for a production environment where the product is

packed at medium to high volumes. Compared to a Gripper type palletizer, the layer

palletizer can pack neater, due to the integrated centring frame in the hoist head that squares

each layer before and after packing. This makes it ideal for Telescopic and Tray palletizing applications.


The lift station improves the ergonomics of the manual palletizing 

process significantly. The product is received at hip height and placed, 

as the pallet load is stacked, the lift station lowers it back down to a 

safe working height.  


Robotic Palletizing refers to the operation of loading an object such as a corrugated 

carton on a pallet or a similar device in a defined pattern. Robotic palletizing is a more 

flexible and reliable solution for palletizing products from single or multiple packaging lines. 

shuttle systems


Single shuttle car for pallets and bins full or empty.


Double Shuttle car for pallets and bins. (1 full pallet and 1 empty pallet)

intelligent conveyoring

Conveyors are one of the most flexible types of industrial equipment, an when correctly 

specified and installed, they can dramatically improve productivity, efficiency and safety.  

pallet magazine


The Gossamer Empty Pallet Magazine is designed to automatically dispense

pallets when required. A forklift driver can load a stack of 8 pallets at a time, the

adjustable  guide system makes it easy to locate the stack when loading.

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