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Our range of medium- to high-speed tray erecting machines are specialized pieces of equipment used in the manufacturing and packaging industries. These machines are designed to automate the process of assembling cartons or trays, which are commonly used to store or transport goods such as fruits and vegetables. It works by feeding flat cardboard sheets into the machine, which then applies hot glue, folds, compresses, and forms the sheets into the desired tray in a mould area.

Simple 4-corner


Fully automatic compact shallow tray erector / Four corner gluer. 

Adjustable magazine for carton blank holder. 


Robust single stage automatic display carton tray erector. 

Ideal for 4 corner trays. Fishing industry. 

single stage medium speed


Robust single stage automatic display carton tray erector.

Ideal for platform with or without ledge style trays or four corner trays.  


Automatic display tray erectors, are designed for optimum functionality, 

ease of operation, very competitive pricing at the highest quality, 

as is synonymous with all Gossamer packaging machinery. 

NEW key features include glue stitching capability 

(major saving in glue cost), remote connectivity 

and remote monitoring.  

dual stage high speed


High speed dual stage automatic display tray erector. 

It’s specifically designed to fold and erect Column corner 

trays at high speed and to enable quick change overs 

between different size column/tri-corner and other tray styles. 

Change parts allow specific packaging requirements and future 

carton designs.  


greenlock range

Greenlock is a tray erector for the erecting of glue-less corrugated trays.  

three piece


Three-piece carton erector with one main magazine and two side magazines that 

is capable of erecting a three-piece carton.  



Punnet erecting for solid & Corrugated cardboard punnets  

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