carton sealing

Top and bottom carton sealing machines are essential equipment in any packaging industry. Our machines can handle a variety of carton sizes and designs, making them suitable for different packaging requirements. Some of the advantages of making use of glue sealing machines are speed and efficiency, strong and secure seals, versatility, cost-saving and tamper proofing.


High speed hot melt sealer for telescopic half RSC / HSC cartons. 

Suitable for bases and lids. 


The TBG-101 range is a low-cost, top or top & bottom gluer, 

designed for medium volume production lines. 

The machine is considerably cheaper than the faster 

machines within our range, yet still very simple to 

set up and operate.  


The TG-700 is a high speed carton top sealer. This machine 

is designed to accommodate various pre-filled slotted cartons. 


The TG/TBG-600R range you can select between 

top sealer or top & bottom sealer. These machines are 

designed to accommodate various pre-filled slotted cartons

 (RSC). The RANDOM models can automatically process different

 carton sizes and do not require manual resetting for individual sizes.  

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