Why Gossamer

Who we are

Gossamer Packaging Machinery is a specialist engineering company based in Somerset West, South Africa. Design and manufacturing high quality end-of-line packaging machinery. Customer service, product quality and reliable service are the company’s highest priorities. Being a dynamic company, we offer the ability to adapt to your unique needs.


What we do

Our mission is to produce packaging machinery of unrivalled quality through engineering perfection, leading to absolute client satisfaction. We aim to service both the local and international market, while formulating economic growth for all involved. In doing this, we envision ourselves as one of the leading global competitors in the packaging industry.

Our Global Reach

Gossamer Packaging Machinery is widely regarded as one of the leading packaging machinery manufacturers in South Africa. Our Global Reach is a testament to the level of quality and after sales technical services we have provided within the agricultural and industrial industries. We have commissioned machines in Australia, mainland USA, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique, Hawaii, Botswana and throughout South Africa.


Our History

Gossamer Packaging Machinery was founded in 1990, first as Gossamer Structures, by Charl Nieder-Heitmann who graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, in 1984. The initial focus of Gossamer was the design and manufacture of precision built, lightweight composite structures. However, seeing opportunity and market need for end-of-line packaging machinery, the focus was then shifted to packaging machinery. Over the past two decades Gossamer Packaging Machinery has grown to be one of South Africa’s leading brands in the packaging industry.