tray erector

Automatic display tray erectors, are designed for optimum functionality, ease of operation, very competitive pricing at the highest quality, as is synonymous with all Gossamer packaging machinery.
NEW key features include glue stitching capability (major saving in glue cost),
remote connectivity and remote monitoring.



– Equipped with change parts and parts to fold platform, open tri-corner, column-corner & P84, defor tray styles
– Nordson Hot Melt Equipment: The client can specify if another system is preferred
– Programmable timing on pneumatic cylinders, provides major flexibility
– Electrical RAM System: An electrical ram (forming plate) drive system with automatic
jam detection safety stop
– PLC with touch screen control
– Built in lighting
– Robust well filtered vacuum system
– Ease of change over
– Production statistics control: Via the touch screen
– Low Maintenance
– Flat Blank Magazine: Easy loading with precise adjustability
– Carton blockage safety stop
– Low carton scrap rate
– Pre-programmed carton styles and glue patterns
– Machine Finish: Machine parts are electroplated and powder coated for a robust rust resistant finish

optional features

– Trailer with compressor for mobile versatility
– Automatic tray stacker TS-600 range

technical data


TE-900S Tri Corner

TE-900S Double fold