robotic palletizing

Robotic Palletizing refers to the operation of loading an object such as a corrugated carton on a pallet or a similar device in a defined pattern.  Robotic palletizing is a more flexible and reliable solution for palletizing products from single or multiple packaging lines.



  • – Offers a more streamlined overall design
  • – Integrates seamlessly with all palletizing requirements

optional features

  • – Infeed conveyors that deliver products to the robot
  • – Pallet dispenser that automatically delivers a single pallet to the robot from a stack of pallets
  • – Outfeed conveyors that take pallets with full stacks away from the robot
  • – Hi-speed combiners
  • – Scanner stations
  • – Demand sensing
  • – Buildback sensing
  • – Hi-speed kick-off stations with outfeed conveyors
  • – Control panels with PLC and HMI integration


Robotic Palletizing 1st in South Africa

Robotic Palletizing two-a-day