The Gossamer volume filler station automatically jumble fill cartons (loose pack) to a specific weight. State of the art load cell technology to fill the cartons within a specific net weight tolerance with a shaker station.  It fits directly to your sizer or bin tipper.



  • – Fruit incline conveyor taking fruit from sizer or soft bin tipper
  • – 3m Mass accumulation Unit
  • – Automatic carton feed system
  • – State of the art load cell technology
  • – The machine can be adjusted to accommodate different carton heights
  • – Weight station is controlled by means of a PLC & HMI
  • – Fruit is weight separately from carton
  • – JF-400 capable of packing up to 200 cycles/hour on smaller cartons
  • – E10D 500x300mm tray 10.2kg speeds up to 200 cartons/hour
  • – E15D 600x400mm tray 16.8kg speeds up to 180 cartons/hour
  • – Jumble Filler can be added to the PP-100 pattern packer or (NEW PP-TWIN)
  • – Estimated change over time 10 minutes
  • – Manning Requirements: 1 Person

optional features

  • – 1.6m Inspection conveyor before jumble filler with over-head light
  • – Driven Outfeed conveyor system to apply box-en sticker 3m with power &
  • – Ethernet connection point to printer
  • – Gossamer Datalink for communication with packhouse

technical data