shuttle car

The Gossamer Shuttle Car provides the option to transport pallets, full and empty bins and other bulk product receptacles without the use of pallet jacks or forklifts. Since operation is fully automated with no personnel required, this system is ideal for situations where the transport of bulk fruit happens in space restricted or oxygen deprived areas, or where traffic through the facility prevents the placement of conveyors.

The system runs on high energy density Li-FE batteries and automatically detects battery level and will return to the docking station for recharge when the batteries run low during non-production time. These communication options allow for real-time intelligent tracking of bulk product through your facility.



  • – Single shuttle car for pallets and bins full or empty
  • – Fully automated, no personnel required
  • – High energy density Li-FE batteries
  • – Automatic docking at station when charge of battery is required

optional features

  • – Bin Stackers
  • – Bin De-stackers
  • – Pallet Magazines
  • – Pallet and Bin Holding Stations

technical data

technical spec sheet