Beverage & Bottling

Case Packers

CC Range

CC-100 (Taper & Square)

Production speed: 12 000 bottles per hour

CC-612 (Taper & Square)

Production speed: 17 000 bottles per hour

CC-200 (Slimline also)

Cans: A10, A12, A2.5 and 1M cans can be packed

Production speed: up to 18 000 cans, 12/24 cans/carton

Options: Add top or bottom sealer TG-101 or CE-101

We can also erect from blank with our CEB-300 range carton erectors

P Inserter

PI Range



Production speed:

  • 6 Pack   20 cpm
  • 12 Pack 40 cpm

PI-4080 Double Head

  • 6 Pack   40 cpm
  • 12 Pack 80 cpm

Econo & Generic Inserter spec.



Line Divider

LD Range

We offer a 3 lane line divider for bottles, cans or jars.


Production Speed: 12000 (bph)


Production Speed: 15000 (bph)

Side Erectors

SE Range

We offer 3 production speed machines.


Production Speed: 30 cpm


Production Speed: 40 cpm


Production Speed: 50 cpm