Our Clients


At Gossamer we value the relationship we have with all our clients, making client satisfaction our top priority.

A few of Gossamer’s largest clients consist of:


Henk Ryke, Engineering Manager

"We’re currently running five Gossamer Dry Bin Fillers and, in total, eight Carton Erectors, of which the first was commissioned in 1996. The relationship of Gossamer and Two a Day has extended over the past ten years and we’ve grown to be like family. The operating personnel and the production department have a lot of confidence in the machines for they are easy to operate and do not let us down. We look forward to a lot more from Gossamer."

Johan Nell, Project Engineer

"We have done quite a big intensive study of machine supplying companies, evaluating both locally and internationally. At the end of the study, we decided to standardize on Gossamer machines. I would recommend Gossamer as a supplier of packaging equipment because of their reliability, the design of the products they offer, their sense of ownership, their professionalism, and most importantly the after sale service they offer. If one studies the design of their equipment, one can see that they pay much attention to detail. In my opinion, they are at world class standard."

Frans Albertyn, Executive Director

"In 2002 we ordered our first Gossamer machine. The project type demanded for the machine to be designed and built from scratch. The machine is what Gossamer calls a Pick and Place packer. At that stage it was a risk we took, because the less risky solution in this situation is to import a machine. I had enough faith in Gossamer to entrust them with the order. The machine was delivered and installed on time and today is outperforming some of the well-known European brands."