Our Team

Charl Nieder-Heitmann - Gossamer

Charl Nierder-Heitmann

Managing Director


Izak Louw - Gossamer

Izak Louw

Project Manager


Rudolf Janse van Rensburg - Gossamer

Rudolf Janse van Rensburg

Project Manager

26 Year’s Service
B.Tech Eng Mechanical (1994)
1st Machine design TE-600  
Newest designTE-800D

Most proud of today:
The growth the company has shown over the years & the world-class engineering innovation being implemented into all designs.


Johan Burger - Gossamer

Johan Burger

Production Manager

17 Year’s Service
B.Tech Eng Mechanical (2004)
1st Machine design TE-700  
Newest design TZ-201

Most proud of today:
Being part of an initially small company that has grown to the point where world-class competitors sit up and take serious notice.


Jeanette van Dyk - Gossamer

Jeanette van Dyk

International Sales & Marketing Manager

Sales & Marketing Management (2003)
Business Management (2007)

Most proud of today:
I always believe business has two functions Marketing and Innovation, but this company also has a heart.

+27 (0)66 486 3108

Jean Robertson - Gossamer

Jean Robertson

Service Manager

17 Year’s Service
Gossamer Machine Specialist

Most proud of today:
Being part of a company who builds international standard machines that compete with the best in the world.