After Sales Service

“Our Technical Services team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible after the machine has left our factory floor.”

- Jean Robertson
Service & Part Sales Manager
+27 (0)72 970 0609

Contact us to find out more about our maintenance plans and service level agreements. We pride ourselves on providing you with continued and exceptional after-sales service. We have a dedicated service team that are willing to help out wherever and whenever needed.

“Once a client purchases a machine, our relationship does not end there.”
Once a Gossamer machine is assembled, it is company policy that the machine is tested with the particular client’s specific packaging before it may leave the factory floor. Gossamer technicians do the on-site installation, commissioning and operator training. Once the machine is operational, you can be sure of excellent after sales service and technical support, directly from the Gossamer factory.
If you have any service, breakdown or repair enquiries about your machine, please complete with your details below: